Tuesday, 10 November 2015

OUGD504 Binding the Publication (Studio Brief Three)

As previously stated, the binding method is a saddle stitch. This is a very simple stitch, which means it can be produced easily for commercial use. Before creating holes in my final publication, I decided to print a mock up so that I could see if I needed to change the method slightly so it could work more effectively. This is my mock up. I had followed the instructions on the board, which stated that all the pages must be folded at once, all together. I found that this method made my photographs not central, and therefore the full bleed of the images was unsuccessful as it was chopped off slightly to the right hand side. I also tied the stitch on the inside, which I decided I didn't want for my final publication as it distracted from the bleed of the image and made it even more obvious that it wasn't perfect. I cut this mock up down in the professional cutter, which was unsuccessful as it's very slightly not cut perfectly straight. I asked the lady working on her own book how I would solve this, and she suggested that I trim my final publication with a carving knife and a ruler and use the cutting board as a more precise guide.

After taking all these factors into consideration, I folded each page separately so that the bleed of each image was as close to the spine as possible. Instead of using the drill to punch in the holes, I used a binding needle to poke the holes. This was more tricky, however I did manage to get each hole exactly through the spine, which the woman suggested I would struggle with. I also put 5 holes instead of 3, as the book is a lot bigger and heavier as I have used a heavier stock. I then used a grey stitching to stitch the book. I cut it down using a knife, cutting mat and a ruler, which did make the book straight, however it left little curves where the knife couldn't cut straight as the stock was too thick. This is a shame, however it isn't too noticeable. 

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