Thursday, 16 April 2015

OUGD406 Research (Studio Brief Four)

Before I start designing an outcome, I want to look into a similar area of design first. To do this, I looked on As I have decided that I want to create a book on how to cope with annoying flatmates, I've pinned this under advice. I searched on designinspiration 'advice'. Quite a few designs came up, such as the below 'advice zine'. The zine is really effective as it is a hot dog fold booklet, meaning that the person wanting to read it would have to cut it out themselves. It's also really nicely designed and, although a lot of different colour schemes are used on each page, all of the design has a similar style and therefore fits together really well. It's also really cost effective, as a hotdog fold is made out of one sheet of paper, and ends up creating eight pages. I think this would be quite a good way for me to create my own advice zine, however I don't think it's enough pages for what I want to acheive - I have had quite a lot of problems with my flatmates myself.

I also found this poster design by Brian Burge and Jason Bacher, entitled 'Good Fucking Design Advice'. The poster is incredibly simplistic, an element I think I want my own book to have. I also think it could be really effective if I express anger through my own book by the use of swearwords as it would make it quite personal to me - I have a very foul mouth when I'm angry. 

I think that the use of the colours black and white is also significant in more ways than one, for example black and white of a situation means the below. I think this would be relevant, as there isn't a clear way to cope with flatmates, as they often don't listen to you. Also, as I want my book to be humourous, the book is going to have some very bad advice to follow. 

I also found the below infographic. I think an infographic outcome could be quite interesting to work with, however generally it needs some illustrations to make it look interesting, and I don't really want to create any illustrations as I feel it would be more effective as a book created with just interesting type.

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