Thursday, 30 April 2015

OUGD406 Evaluation

I have really enjoyed the final module as all of the briefs (in some sense) were live briefs, which I thought was really interesting and also really motivational to create really good outcomes. I particularly enjoyed the Secret 7 brief even though I didn't get chosen, as it was fun to experiment with different styles of work than I ususally go for, and I found it really useful as I learnt about multiple different designers that are famous for album cover designs. I also really enjoyed the Studio Brief Three where we had to create exhibition branding, as I really enjoyed working in a group, even if the outcome wasn't my preferred style, I thought it was an insight to what industry could be like.

I think a strength of the module was my time management, as I kept really up to date with the work on every project and I think I contributed a lot to the group project. I also think a strength was screen printing even though I had never done it before at this point, as it's a new skill that I will definitely take forward into other projects.

I think a weakness of the module was probably deciding on the artist that I wanted to create artwork for in Secret 7, as I found I was really indecisive as I had quite a few ideas for each artist, however I overcame this and I think my final outcomes were really successful.

I think If I were to do the module again, I would try to screen print the Secret 7 album designs onto actual vinyl sleeves and send them off instead of the digital copy, as I think it would've been really interesting and quite complex to get right, something I would really like to experiment with.

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