Thursday, 16 April 2015

OUGD406 Mock-Up Layout & Thought Process (Studio Brief Four)

I believe I am now ready to start designing my own book. My book is going to have to be a multiple of four to work as a book, so for this reason I am going to create a 16 paged book. I thought about doing a 12, however I think that the book wouldn't have enough content to be successful, and I have more ideas for content than a 12 paged book would allow. I kept the orientation portrait and changed the size of the book to A5 as although I have a lot of ideas for content, the actual content will only be a paragraph each page, and therefore I think there would be far too much negative space for an A4 book. I changed the bleed of the book to 3mm, as the front cover of my book will probably be a block colour, and therefore I don't want a white border when it is printed out. It'll also make it a lot easier for me to cut it down when the time comes.

This is the rough plan that I have created for my book. I have decided that my book is going to be completely typography. As I want it to be a modernist style, all of my type is going to be left-alligned and a modernist typeface - I think this will probably be Helvetica as it's my favourite typeface, along with Futura. I want all of the inside pages to be black and white, however I think I want the front cover to be in colour. I have decided to call my book 'how to cope with annoying flatmates', with a subtitle 'who steal your shit and constantly moan at you. although, realistically, i'm setting you up for a loss.' I have decided to use all lowercase for the titles and subtitles of my book as I want the book look like it's a quick, angry comment that has been written by a student, possibly via text or Facebook. However I want the advice to use capitals as that person isn't being effected by the flatmate. I did think about using all capitals for the titles, however I think it looked too angry and bold. 

I also want the complaint to be really noticable next to the poor advice. To do this, I have decided that I am going to have the complaints on the left hand side of the double page spread, and then the advice on the right - which makes sense as we read from left to right. I will use a huge typeface for the complaint and a smaller typeface for the advice, as it'll show the anger vs. calm of the situation. 

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