Tuesday, 7 April 2015

OUGD404 Concept for Print Method (Studio Brief Two)

As The Daily Street is based on newspapers, I have decided that I would like to print my book out in a similar style. I have considered using screen printing and creating all the images using halftone, however as they would all have to be four colour screen prints, it would be incredibly time consuming and also very expensive, which I can't afford. For this reason, I think I am just going to do this to the front cover and print out the rest of the book in digital print.

As for stock choice goes, I was planning on using newsprint as it would be the most relevant. I asked James down in digital print if this was possible, however he said that the paper is way too thin to go through the laser printer. He told me the lowest gsm that can go through the printer is 120, and showed me the newsprint that he stocked that could work.

Although it's not originally what I wanted, I decided that this would be the most effective, seen as it is still newsprint, however it wouldn't be as effective if I had the time to screen print it all onto actual newsprint. It also might be a bit better as it won't be as easy to ruin, especially seen as it is going to be made to be handled quite a lot, so I wouldn't want the pages to rip very easy like newspapers do.

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