Thursday, 16 April 2015

OUGD406 Front Cover & Book Design (Studio Brief Four)

As for the colour scheme of my book goes, I reverted back to this colour chart and their meanings that I created for my PPP Self-branding project. According to the chart, the colour blue is the colour of trust. I think for this reason, I am going to use this colour as the background colour for my front cover. I am going to do this, as it will be ironic as the books advice is going to be very bad advice, however the colour will be ironic to this. As my book is going to be based on texts sent to friends and general social interaction with people asking for advice, I have decided I will also use the colour orange on my front cover, as the colour orange is the colour of social communication and optimism.

Below are the front and back cover designs that I have come up with. I used the typeface Helvetica. I think they're really successful, as the orange type against the blue background is not too hard to read, however it's not as clear as the white type, which is good as it's a subheading that is a sort of disclaimer. I also did the same with the disclaimer on the back cover.

I then got to work on the inside pages of my book. I decided to use a similar style for the complaints as the title - huge type and left-alligned. Below are the layouts that I came up with, which I think are very successful and the rag of the type is edited quite nice to match with a modernist style. I used all lowercase as I wanted it to be very informal, like someone complaining to a friend, however the anger is expressed by the use of swear words and also the huge typeface.

I then started the create the responses to all of the advice. I decided that I would use a two column grid, and make all of the type start at the top line of the complaints. I also decided that I would use actual punctuation and lower and upper case, as the person responding is supposed to be a lot calmer than the person complaining. My designs are below.

I then also created a small introduction/content page, which can be viewed below. I did it in the same style as the advice comments, as this person would also be calm as they aren't being personally effected by the annoying flatmate.

The final book can be viewed on issuu HERE. Before I print this, we luckily have an interim critique on Monday so I will ask if anyone thinks I should change anything and also if they think it has an element of comedy. I showed it to some of my friends and they thought it was really funny, one of them said that she wants a copy to leave in the kitchen of her own flat.

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