Wednesday, 15 April 2015

OUGD404 Book Binding Process (Studio Brief Two)

Seen as the open spine book didn't work out, I decided I would go to book binding and create a pamphlet book using my back up print outs. I had made one before, however I had completely forgot how to do it. I followed the instructions below.

This is what the book looked like before I cropped down all of the pages and before I stitched it together.

 I decided I would crop down the rest of the pages after I had bound it as I thought it would make it a lot neater. Unfortunately, however, keeping the book in a V shape when drilling the holes for the stitching didn't work successfully for me, as the drill came out slightly to the left of the spine, which was very unfortunate. However, I decided I would stitch it anyway and see what it looked like. I then cropped the book down to its actual size using the crop marks and front cover as a guide.

I think, although the binding isn't too successful, it's a really nice book and looks very professional.

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