Tuesday, 7 April 2015

OUGD404 The Daily Street (Studio Brief Two)

The Daily Street is a magazine that is based on the newspaper The Daily News. Their concept is obvious - they create new blog posts most days of new street style clothing, magazines, shoes etc, similar to the newspaper publishing daily copies of the news.

For the content of my book, I have decided that I want to create an annual release that would sum up the best blog posts of the year. I looked on their blog and they actually make their own blog post that sums up the best blog posts of the year, however as I am using all of the content on their website and not creating my own, and I want it to still be personal to me, I am going to make the book based on the content which I found the most interesting over the year, as I have been following the blog for about a year, maybe longer. It will be quite a time consuming process sorting through all of the posts to find the most interesting, however I think the end product will definitely be worth my time.

I can't find a high quality image of The Daily Street's logo, so I am going to have to try to find the same typeface/a similar typeface and create it myself. This is the process that I have gone through so far.

After going through this process, I found out that the most similar typeface is Baskerville, however only when it is bold. For this reason, this is the typeface I am going to use for my headings for my book. 

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