Wednesday, 15 April 2015

OUGD404 Digital Printing Process (Studio Brief Two)

Before printing, I am going to paginate all of the double page spreads so that I can print them out in the right order to be bound with an open spine, as the pages all have to be ordered differently. I'm sure there is probably a way of doing this on InDesign, however I don't know how and I think it'll be good for me to learn how the pages should be laid out. To do this, I looked into how the pages are supposed to be laid out online and then created a small rough mock up of how the pages will fit together. This can be seen in the image below. I then went through and numbered each page, which I thought would help me as the double page spreads are all numbered so it will be a lot easier. 

Then I started ordering the pages on InDesign. This is what it looked like on screen. Not many of the pages match up, however if I have ordered them correctly, they should print out and fold together in the correct order.

Whilst at digital printing, I started to doubt myself and decided that I should print out the original file as well, just incase I ordered the pages wrong, in which case I would have to create a pamphlet stitched book. I did this just incase I couldn't get another digital print slot.

Luckily, I didn't ordered the pages wrong. Unluckily, I didn't tell James that I didn't want it to be printed out like a book - I didn't think. So all of the pages printed out in the wrong order anyway. So I decided I would try to get another print slot, however also create a pamphlet stitched book in the mean time.

Below are some images of the attempt of the open stitch book. Which I only realised had printed out wrong once I was at book binding.  For example, the below image should've printed out like the image below that. 

And the same with the images below.

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