Monday, 13 April 2015

OUGD406 Idea Generation (Studio Brief Four)

I have quite a few possible ideas for this brief, however I would like to create a piece of work that hasn't been done before. I could do this in multiple outcomes, such as posters, leaflets, booklets, postcards etc.

Some of my possible ideas are below:
- Student friendly places to visit in Leeds.
- Cheap days out.
- A student cookbook.
- How to cope with close to no money.
- How to save.
- #StanDoesUni Book.
- How to deal with horrible flatmates.
- How not to piss your flatmates off.
- How to cope with hating all your flatmates.

I think the idea that I could have the most fun with would be 'How to cope with annoying flatmates', as I could create a book in the style of an advice book, however give really bad, humourous advice on how to deal with them. As I have experienced living with people I don't particularly get along with this year, I think it'd be quite a good way to end the year.

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