Tuesday, 7 April 2015

OUGD404 Grid & Other Considerations (Studio Brief Two)

I want my book to be A5, as the blogposts are quite short, snappy and straight to the point, so there isn't too much content. I feel like this would be demonstrated best with quite small type, however if it was A4 I think there would be far too much negative space, and the content would look quite childish in a bigger point size. I decided I would create a 36 page book, as I wanted atleast 10 different blogposts, and the page number has to be a multiple of four to be effective. I also decided to leave the gutter and margin size as they were already set, as I have printed things out like this before and I think it's a perfect amount of space to leave. However, I have changed the bleed to 3mm so that when I print things out, none of the full bleed images will be lost.

This is the basic grid that I am going to stick to through-out my design process. I think it's effective, as it all lines up really well, and there is a good amount of negative space so that the double page spread isn't overpowering to the eyes.

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