Tuesday, 7 April 2015

OUGD404 Interim Crit (Studio Brief Two)

In a crit, I asked if people thought that these grids that I created were effective and flowed well together. The layouts can be seen below.

People said that they think they will be effective, however I will have to really focus on the rag of the type as I didn't edit the placeholder text too much and they said that it looks quite messy. I would've done this anyway, however it was good to know that this is something that I really have to focus on. I also asked Simon if he thought I should alter with the type layout on a couple of pages, and he said that I didn't need to but it was up to me. I decided against it, as I think it will flow a lot more effectively if each page is the same layout but with different content. I can now start getting to work on my actual book.

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