Tuesday, 7 April 2015

OUGD404 Typesetting Process & Development (Studio Brief Two)

To begin typesetting, I started by finding the blogpost that I wanted. This is what it originally looked like on the blogpost. I think the typesetting on the blogpost is quite nice, however I think there are too many words on each line personally.

This is what it looked like when copied into the blog post. It definitely needed some correction to the typesetting.

I then started playing about with the type. This was my first attempt, which I thought still needed some work on the middle paragraph, as it was quite a big paragraph and it could potentially be split into two.

This is my final typeset for this page. I think it's really nice as the rag is quite neat and there are no orphans or widows.

This is another process of typesetting that I went through. This was the original text copied from the blogpost.

I then copied it into InDesign. The rag doesn't look too bad from afar, however up close it didn't look very effective and neat.

I then started playing about with the paragraphs and the rag. I thought this looked a bit better, however it still needed work. For example, I didn't think the address was really needed, as if you Google the store, it does come up. 

This was my final typesetting for this double page spread. I thought it looked a lot more effective without the address, and I also split up some of the paragraphs to make it easier on the eyes.

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