Tuesday, 14 April 2015

OUGD404 Screen Printing Process (Studio Brief Two)

I went to vernon street and made up my screen using my double page spreads. Below are some photographs of the screen once it had been exposed. They looked pretty cool in themselves.

I then started screen printing. I had previously researched and knew that the first colour I had to use was the yellow. This was actually quite annoying as it was really faint and was hard to tell if all the image had come out or not.

I then started screen printing using the next colour, which was magenta. This was really hard to line up with the yellow as the yellow was so faint and none of the crop marks had come out. However, I had a couple of successful prints.

I then started screen printing with the next colour, which is cyan. I found it a lot easier to line up the blue to the magenta as it was darker, however I still made a couple of mistakes as I found you have to be incredibly precise.

Finally, I screen printed with black ink. At this point, I didn't have very many successful prints, however luckily I thought ahead and did around 15 different sheets incase this happened. I found that lining the black up with the blue was incredibly easy. Below are some of the outcomes that didn't work very well. The image below was messed up by the magenta. I think too much ink came through the screen, or I screen printed over the top of the colour when it wasn't completely dry. 

This is another image that wasn't so successful. The title didn't come through at all, and also the image wasn't lined up well at all.

This is probably the most successful print that I did and it's going to be the one that I use on my front cover. Although it is a tiny bit off, the type is very clear and the image looks very similar to the original colours.

Now I just need to figure out how to digitally print onto the stock without printing over my image. I am going to ask James about this during my printing slot.

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