Thursday, 30 April 2015

OUGD406 Digital Printing of Book (Studio Brief Four)

I went to digital print and decided to print off my final book design for this project. I hadn't really thought before which stock I wanted, however I thought I wanted a 120 gsm quite matt stock. I looked through the stock collection and James told me about a new stock he had that was a double sided slight gloss. I thought this could be really effective to produce my book in as it's cheap and it looks quite professional. This is the book once it was printed, which I was really happy with.

I had already printed out the book before the final crit, however Jo pointed out that I had missed some capital letters from the body copy. I checked it and there were three capital letters missing. I thought it wasn't a massive thing really, however I thought I would print out a second copy with corrections. I printed it onto the same stock as the previous.

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