Thursday, 16 April 2015

OUGD406 Humourous Book Research (Studio Brief Four)

As I have now set my mind on creating a book using humour, I have decided that I would look into books that already exist to see how they are designed and also look at some of the content to see how they portray comedy. I found this front cover design below that uses an illustration to express a bit of humour. The book is a thesaurus, and the illustration is of a dinosaur. It's funny because thesaurus sounds like a weird breed of dinosaur. I think the fact that the illustration is over both the front and back cover is effective as it shows the scale of the dinosaurs. It's also good as it cuts off part of the type, however it's still very readable.

I think the book cover design below isn't exactly humourous, however it's clever as it has a wrap around cover that makes the title of the book disappear, which is relevant as the title is 'Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover Only'. However, you can only read 'Don't Judge' and then one the wrap around cover is a list of credits to artists and the people involved in the book. 

I think the book below definitely has a humourous side. It's not exactly to do with the design of the title, it's actually what the title says. However, I think that the fact that the front of the book is literally just the title is really effective as it adds to the comical aspect. I think this would be relevant for me to do with my own book, however I wouldn't want the type centre-alligned, as I want my book to be in a modernist style, therefore everything in my book is going to be left-alligned.

Although this isn't a book, this poster design is really comical as the statement of the poster is relevant to how the statement is set out. For example, the designer has played with the curning and tracking of the type, making it readable, however not very legible. As a designer, it doesn't exactly piss me off, as I think it is still nicely designed, however it does put me on edge quite a bit. I think the actual layout of the left-alligned type is something I want to take forward into my own book.

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