Thursday, 28 January 2016

OUGD505 Licence to Print Money - Research, Global Issues (Studio Brief One)

This is a list put together, naming all of the issues faced on a Global scale. The topics and issues that I find the most interesting / relevant to money are bolded, and are issues that will potentially be researched into in more detail.

Arms Control
Arms Trade - a major cause of suffering
Climate Change
Global Warming
Conflicts in Africa
Consumption and Consumerism
Environmental Issues
Fair trade
Food and Agriculture
Food dumping (Aid) Maintains poverty
Foreign Policy - projecting power
Free trade & golbalization
G8 too much power?
Genetically engineered food
Health issues
Human population
Human rights issues
International criminal court
Iraq Crisis
Mainstream media
Middle East
Natural disasters
Nuclear Weapons
Palestine & Israel
Sustainable Development
Third world debt undermines development
Trade, Economy & related issues
War on terror
World Hunger and Poverty.

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