Sunday, 31 January 2016

OUGD503 Individual Practice, Brompton Bikes - Idea Generation (Studio Brief One)

To get an idea of how people have already responded to the brief, I thought it would be beneficial to look at some of the entries already submitted. This was quite frustrating, as most of the people entering the competition already had a Brompton bike, and therefore they had extra points, as it was a lot easier to film.

However, I did manage to find some interesting responses that were created from an artists perspective, such as the videos below.

I particularly liked this one, as it's very colourful and the music fits really well with the style. I think the illustration could've been a little more interesting, as this particular video didn't really have a clear concept other than the concept already given by the competition. The actual execution of this animation is really interesting, however, and it would be incredible to be able to do this. However, I myself don't actually have any knowledge of how to go about making an animation, so I can't really respond in this style. This is something I would love to learn, and it's something I plan on exploring over summer and I will hopefully teach myself how to create beautiful illustrative animations.

This is another entry where the final video isn't created using a real Brompton Bike. I think this video response is really artistic and expressive of the city, as the paintings used are all very colourful, and it's very intricate as it's also created using paper folding techniques. I think using paper is definitely an area I want to explore with this project, as I think it's quite accessible to me, however it will be very time consuming.

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