Thursday, 7 January 2016

OUGD503 Collaborative Practice, Briefing lecture (Studio Brief Two)

In groups of 2-4, focus on the role of the creative team and collaborative approaches to solving creative problems.

Combine your technical, practical and theoretical skills and respond to one of the available national competition briefs.

Check the terms and conditions of the briefs. Don't enter into a contract with any party unless you fully understand what you are committing to. All competitions are entered into at your own risk and expense. Keep copies of all work and development work through-out this process - upload them to your blog.

1. Document all work on studio practice blog.
2. Products, proposals & presentation boards - demonstrate the ability to identify and present successful practical solutions to identified problems.
3. Project report - demonstrate your ability to select, evaluate and communicate informed opinions on the development & resolution of your work.
4. Evaluation (750 words)


- Read the brief
- Sign up to YCN or D&AD
- Explore content of their websites
- Read the t&cs
- Select max of 2 briefs you're interested in
- Write a summary of why you selected these briefs
- Create 3 slides about you

DUE: Monday 11th January.

- 1280x720 (landscape) 72dpi - save as flattened JPEGs. File must be named ABramwellGD1.jpg
- Slide 1: Name, college email address and 4 images of work that you have created
- Slide 2: 4 images of professional work you admire
- Slide 3: Name the D&AD briefs you are interested in working on

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