Thursday, 7 January 2016

OUGD504 Module Self Evaluation

This module was a really interesting module, as I had only ever explored design production on a smaller scale and never really considered my designs for mass production. I found this particular task really challenging for each module, as each module had a very different final product, meaning a lot of research had to go into finding local printers and print finishes that could make my final designs the highest standard possible.

I particularly enjoyed the modules that involved printing final outcomes, such as Studio Brief One, which required me to print out my final leaflet. I found it really interesting researching into stock, colours and also experimenting with typefaces to make the my leaflet more engaging and enjoyable to look through.

Another project that I really enjoyed was Studio Brief Three, as from previous modules I found that I appreciate publication design and I wanted to experiment with this area further. Within this brief, I also got the opportunity to learn more about spot colours and printing within InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. These workshops really helped me when designing my publication because these skills learnt were transferable. My time management within this particular brief was excellent as I already had all of the content for my publication, which is the part that I usually struggle with because it is tedious, so I could get straight to designing my book and considering print finishes. This was the brief that I spent the most amount of money on because I wanted my final outcome to be worthy of my portfolio, which I believe I have achieved.

As a whole for this module, I particularly enjoyed researching and outsourcing different stock that I have never experimented with before. This was particularly relevant for Studio Brief Three as I visited Fred Aldous and purchased some stock from G. F Smith. Experimenting with different stock really worked in my favour as the publication was very different from any other publication I had previously created.

A project that I found really challenging was Studio Brief Four, as I haven't experimented with web design for a number of years. It was particularly difficult creating a website that would serve its purpose on multiple platforms, such as the computer, mobile and tablet devices. However, as a whole, I feel like this particular challenge was completed to a high standard as I really pushed myself to achieve this.

Another project that I found challenging was Studio Brief Two, as I found time management really difficult as I really struggled when settling on a Kickstarter to brand. The website is full of many different areas of business that interested me, however I think that I chose the perfect project for me as I can relate to the business idea. I particularly enjoyed branding Lokables, as a strong concept and idea came to me straight away and I feel as though I developed this really well within the logo design. I also enjoyed creating multiple different products based around my logo design, as in previous projects I would simply stick my logo design onto a blank slate, however with this brief I pushed myself further to actually create the products and I am really pleased with my final outcomes.

A strength of this module was creating my final outcomes to a high standard, as I managed my time well for most of the briefs and made sure that I left enough time to consider and actually produce my final outcomes. The printing processes of each of the briefs final outcomes have been thoroughly considered to be possible to produce for mass production and also to produce on a smaller scale. Litho printing was the main resolution for each of my briefs, as it's the most cost effective way to create multiple publications and keep the cost to a minimum.

A weakness of this module was decision making, as I spent a lot of time in both Studio Brief Two and Studio Brief Four contemplating which kickstarter and band to design for, meaning that my time was cut shorter than it could have been. However, my time management wasn't too disrupted with this, as I pushed myself further and harder to create my outcomes, meaning I still had a lot of time to consider my print finishes. Once I had picked a project, I considered my time scale and booked printing sessions in the print room, so that I had a limited time scale to work to.

Overall, I think this module went really well and I think I have learnt a lot of transferable skills that will help me in later modules, and they are also skills that I would really like to develop on further.

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