Friday, 29 January 2016

OUGD505 Licence to Print Money - Further Idea Generation (Studio Brief One)

The main two issues that stood out are: Environment and Refugees.
For this reason, I am going to look more specifically into these two issues. Originally, I highlighted a lot of different issues that could be developed, however this would be a lot of work, so I have chosen to research the two issues that interest myself the most, and are close to my heart.

Environmental Issues:

- Human overpopulation
- Hydrology
- Intensive farming
- Land use
- Nanotechnology
- Nuclear Issues
- Ocean Trash
- Animal cruelty (on a big scale)


- Climate change
- Degradation
- Health
- Energy
- War
- Pollution
- Resource depletion
- Waste
- Toxicants
- Endangered species / extinct species


I already have an idea for what I could base this on if I were to create a bank note on refugees, as I would base it on the current migrant crisis. Lots of Syrians are currently fleeing from their homes in Syria and seeking refuge in Europe. There have been hundreds - even thousands - of news articles written, some in favour of taking refugees into our country, others not so accepting of this factor.

"The migrant crisis will never end. It is part of the modern world"

- David Blair

For the fact that there are so many different views on this particular issue, I would have to be quite impartial if I were to design something for this specific issue, and it would have to be something discretely aimed at migrants.

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