Sunday, 10 January 2016

OUGD503 Collaborative Practice, "Pitcha Pitcha" Slides (Studio Brief Two)

Below are the slides I have created in response to the 'Pitcha Pitcha' task. I tried to make my slides very legible and easy to follow, as I knew they wouldn't flash up on the screen for a very long time. I tried to incorporate a wide range of work, for example, I have included logo design, screen printing, digital publication design and leaflet design. I also included art work and artists that I really admire, these are: Toilet Paper Magazine, Joan Cornella, Tame Impala animated music video and Alphabet Studios in Leeds. Finally, the briefs I decided I would really enjoy creating were Desperados or Dazed. I chose these briefs are I thought they were the most open to interpretation, and I think they would be the funnest briefs to respond to across multiple different specialisms, for example, Desperados could be very illustrative - something I'm not particularly talented with, however an illustrator obviously would be. 

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