Thursday, 21 January 2016

OUGD505 Licence to Print Money - Research, Current Bank Note Designs (Studio Brief One)

These are the current banknote designs for British Pound Sterling. The designs are quite similar through-out, mainly using an image of the queen with an intricate pattern in the background. This is key for bank notes, as it makes it a lot more difficult to replicate them. It is also noted that it is possible to see through the note, and when held up to the light, an image will show from the other side. This is another way to tell that a bank note is real/fake. Finally, There is silver vinyl down the side of the bank note, which is impossible to rip. This also helps people discover if a banknote is real or fake. 

The actual design on the banknote is very outdated, even though the notes aren't that old. The queen is portrayed very young, however this isn't the case. Having the queens face on a banknote is a very outdated idea, as a lot of British people don't really support the Monarchy. However, it does have its benefits, for example, tourists come to London to 'see the Queen'/visit Buckingham Palace. The tourism in London is supposed to benefit the British economy financially, however it has been apparent that a lot of money isn't distributed across the country well, and a lot of the money stays in London. This is another reason a lot of people don't want there to be a Monarchy in England anymore. This is something I will definitely focus on within my own designs, as I personally don't believe the Queen should be the representative of money in Britain.

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