Monday, 4 January 2016

OUGD504 How the Website Would Operate (Studio Brief Four)

The touch screen web would operate in a very similar way as the computer view, however the links wouldn't turn red when hovered over, they would turn red once clicked. The home screen would still have the exclusive discount code in the teardrop. I think this would also be an easier hidden exclusive to find using touch screen, as it's very central and I find myself clicking things on my iPhone and iPad that aren't links, kind of like an OCD thing. The videos would also still be possible to stream from Youtube on the website - another feature would be that the webpage would be able to be minimised on the tablet or mobile device and the music would still play - similar to how Soundcloud and Tubex works, as this is a feature that Youtube got rid of on their app and it's something that they should definitely bring back.

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