Wednesday, 27 January 2016

OUGD503 Collaborative Practice, Desperados - Research (Studio Brief Two)

Before we delegate who will be doing what for our collaboration, we thought it would be important to do some more detailed research into Desperados as a company and the way they advertise their product. Desperado refers to an outlaw, particularly in the American Old West. I think this is definitely key to note straight away, as Desperados stand for people who break the rules and like to party. 

Fischer Brewery in France were the original brewers of Desperados, however it is now brewed elsewhere. It is still brewed in France, however it is now also brewed in the Netherlands (since 2012).

This is the newly created Desperados UK website. It's a very simplistic website design, which is something I should definitely incorporate into my own website design when I come around to it. I originally went onto the website to find out a bit more about Desperados, however didn't come across a lot as the website is mainly links to Tweets/Facebook posts and then a range of products available in the UK. These products are: Desperados, Desperados Red and Desperados Verde. These are also the only flavours I have seen available in shops and bars.

However, a quick search on Google made me aware they have other flavours available abroad. These are cranberry, lemon and amber (can be seen in the below photograph). It's key to note that all of the different flavours branding is incredibly similar - they have a very specific, kind of wild west theme to all of their branding. This is something that we will have to work with for our own packaging design, as the task requires us to make Desperados more appealing to people aged 18-24 - I think it will be important to add a party element to our concept, as Desperados tag line is "Follow the Party".

This is an advertisement I found for Desperados. All of the posters I have found generally feature the same colours - red, green and an amber colour. I think this works for the brand as a whole, however for this particular brief my collaboration partners and myself want to make Desperados seem fun, which is something I don't think is achieved by sticking to this colour scheme.

Having said that, however, I think alone that this poster looks very dull/boring, but when in a collection of lots of different advertisements (pictured below), it looks really successful, fun and bright. The posters as a collection are very eye catching. This could be something to work with; making multiple posters to be advertised as a complete set.

I also found this advertisement. It's important to note that the typeface used for all of their advertising posters is very obscure, hand rendered, and every single letter used is original - this could be very important when creating our own packaging. A sans serif is used for all of the letterforms except the D. Again, there are a limited use of colours, which we don't specifically have to stick to as I think it will be a new development for the company to use different colours - and in theory, it would still be very recognisable. 

I also thought it might be helpful looking at some television adverts created for Desperados. Even though I knew I wouldn't be doing the animation, theres a chance it might give me an idea for another aspect of the design. This is one of the adverts that I found. The main message is that you can break down the boundaries of partying - I think it's a very strong concept and it's filmed very well. Obviously we could never create anything on this kind of scale, however it may be inspiring for Gavin to look back on.

This is another advert/animation I found. I think this particular animation would be a lot more doable, and it is still interesting to look at - the only thing I would change about this particular video is the lack of sound - it's not very engaging because it's silent, although it looks like it was potentially originally posted as a gif. 

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