Sunday, 3 January 2016

OUGD504 Full Web Wireframes Planning (Studio Brief Four)

Below are some rough wireframe designs that I have created so that I can get a rough idea of how my website will flow and be developed into the real thing. This process also helps web developers to understand how the website would operate and also gives the client a rough idea of how the website would look - this makes it a lot easier for the designer, as the designer wouldn't have to waste time for the client to then not like the design. 

Most of my wireframes follow a different grid system - whether it's one, two or three columns. This is odd for a website, however I think it will be successful for this particular website, as it will make it very interactive and also interesting for the user. There will be 9 pages on my website, of which each will have links to other pages or further interactivity, which will further add to the user experience. 

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