Monday, 4 January 2016

OUGD504 Final Crit (Studio Brief Four)

As we didn't get the opportunity (timetabled session) for a final crit, I asked a couple of people what they thought of my designs in some independent study time. The comments were extremely positive which I was very happy about as I put a lot of work into creating a design that I, personally, was happy with, but one that I also thought the band themselves would enjoy.

People said that they really like the fact that the websites all look very similar and you can tell that they are all for the same band as they are all in the same style.

People also said that they liked the concept to be able to connect with certain band members on certain social media platforms. I wasn't too sure about the about page for the tablet and the mobile web page, however people reassured me and said they think it would still be successful and easy to use as an interactive image.

I also asked what people thought about the use of the columns, and they said that it was successful even though different grid systems were used as it is interactive and still has an essence of flow to the pages.

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