Thursday, 7 January 2016

OUGD503 Collaborative Practice, The Brief (Studio Brief Two)

Working as a partnership, submit a response to one of the D&AD/YCN student awards by the deadline states.
1. Choose a creative partner based on the creative possibilities of your collaborative practice. Complete the collaborative practice form provided in order to identify your individual and joint interests, abilities, roles and responsibilities.
2. Visit the competition websites and find out about the organisations, opportunities and resources available online.
3. Select a brief from the downloadable briefs section of the site. Download any general information and specific brief related resources.
Complete the creative partnership form, project rationale and initial action plan before starting work on your selected brief.


Consider the following questions:

- Why should I collaborate? Two heads are better than one as long as they communicate.
- Who will I work with?
- What brief will we choose?
- What do I need to submit?
- How will I be assessed? You will be assessed individually on your own ability to plan, negotiate, manage, record and evaluate your individual contribution to a collaborative project. Maintain your own thorough documentation of research, development and production activities in response to the brief as well as your own on-going evaluation of your joint decisions working practices.

Mandatory Requirements

Your submission work should be presented on 5xA2 boards (digital .pdf format), summarising the research, development and resolution of the brief. These should be documented on your blog. You should clearly articulate your individual contributions to the brief. These submission boards will be different and in addition to any deliverables specified and produced for the D&AD/YCN submission.

Your work should be supported by development on your blog.
You should include a screenshot of your submission to your chosen competition.

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