Wednesday, 20 January 2016

OUGD503 Collaborative Practice, Desperados - Idea Generation (Studio Brief Two)

I am yet to meet up with my group to decide on a concept as of yet. It's quite a difficult thing to do when we are all scheduled for responsive on different days, so I thought I would begin my own idea generation to discuss with my group.

I began by thinking about what makes a successful club night.

1. Lighting - I thought this, as it's always a great experience when you go out and the club you are in has incredible light shows, for example Projekt in Leeds. It would be interesting to incorporate this into a part of our product.
2. Concept - A club night is always a success if there is a theme of the night, for example I really enjoy going out on Halloween/Boxing Day where people dress up. There are also some really interesting events around Leeds, such as the club night 'Donuts', which is a big kids club night that often have bouncy castles, ball pits etc.
3. Music - The music is a key part of the night. It's good to have a huge range of different types of music, for example I don't like going to events that only have one room, as if I don't like the song I tend to go outside and chain smoke.
4. Alcoholic Drinks - This is quite obvious for someone aged 18-24 who struggles to have a good time in a club environment without alcohol. It's good to have a range of alcohol available as many people will drink pints, spirits and alchopops all in the same night.
5. Prices - Paying entry to a venue is often a good advantage, as the drinks inside are generally cheaper, and therefore attract a lot more people.
6. Props - It's always fun having props at an event, whether it's a big sign for the club night or cardboard guitars, which leads me on to the next point:
7. Photographers -Having photographers at an event is very successful, especially when there are props, as the people in the photos often tag themselves on Facebook, and therefore the event/business gets a lot more exposure for a very cheap price (the photographer)
8. Finally, souvenirs are great at club nights, whether it's a wristband, cardboard glasses or what have you, people generally take them home with them after the event.

Next I thought it might be interesting to look at things that are specific to Mexico. Even though Desperados isn't brewed there, their whole aesthetic is very Mexican as their beer has tequila in, which is a Mexican drink. Below is the Mexican flag, which has three main colours: green, white and red. The bird on the flag could be something to consider.

Sombreros, Siestas, Moustaches, Tequila, Ponchos, Chilli (hot food), Maracas, Donkeys, Tumbleweeds - these are all things I think about when I think of Mexico, which aren't really helpful at all as it's just generalising a country, and I obviously know it's nothing like that there.

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