Sunday, 3 January 2016

OUGD504 Developments (Studio Brief Four)

I started my development of my website by creating some layouts based roughly on the wireframes that I created. I don't think this one is particularly successful as it's quite simplistic. It's easy to navigate, however it's dull and boring to look at and I don't think it would make people want to keep revisiting the website. The background would be of the new Cry Baby Cry video 'Go Go', and the website would have both the music video and sound playing as soon as the website would be accessed.

This is similar to the previous design, however I have changed the navigation style. For this, it would be a pop-out navigation bar, and the main focus of the website is to display the music video. I think, however, this navigation style would be a lot more successful as it looks a lot cleaner and is still easy to access.

This is the final design that I have come up with. I think it's the most successful as it displays the album cover is the centre of the webpage and emphasises the fact that you should go buy it - as all the links to buy it are accessible below. The navigation is tidy, similar to the previous, however once clicked, it won't open up a pop out, but a whole new webpage. I think this will make navigating the website simple and also a lot more aesthetically pleasing. This is the design that I am going to take forward and develop further.

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