Friday, 8 January 2016

OUGD503 Collaborative Practice, Researching into D&AD Briefs (Studio Brief Two)

To research into the briefs, I decided not to download any full briefs to start with and solely focus on the shorter description - this would save an awful lot of time, and also it will be a lot easier to recognise which briefs jump straight out at me. I have decided that I would like to enter D&AD, as I have wanted a yellow pencil ever since I heard about D&AD and I have followed them on Twitter for years. I think this would be a great opportunity to really get my work out there, and submitting work to D&AD is something I have always wanted to do.


The Creative Challenge

In an age when everyone is a broadcaster, where mediocre content thrives and technology has truly democratised the art of filmmaking, can true creative voices still cut through the noise using short form content? Can you inspire, inform and capture the independent spirit of Dazed in 15 seconds?
Using short-form social video (think Instagram, Vine…) as your only medium, make a series of four 15-second films that embody independence.
This brief seems incredibly interesting and is definitely one to go on my slide. Dazed isn't a magazine that I follow myself, however this brief seems like a really interesting creative challenge, however it will require an awful lot of research into the company and the aesthetic.


The Creative Challenge

Take a cause you believe in and use the power of type to make a difference. Design with typography to agitate, educate, and organise, the world and your audience. Use typography to help people believe in your cause and its purpose; to motivate and inspire people, in a relevant way, to your cause; and above all, to make an impact. Typography is the soapbox for your rallying cry. Used at its best, it can empower your words, evoke meaning, set tone, and inspire ideas. Without it, your message could be drowned out.
Where would the students in Paris of ’68 be without their screenprinted stencil type? Where would Revolutionary Russia be without its condensed, sans serif gothics? And would Occupy have inspired the collective imagination without democratic digital design and ‘desktop publishing’? The right typeface, used in the right way, gives a cause, movement or change its true voice.
This brief sounds really interesting, however after reading the shorter brief, I don't think it's a brief I would like to do for collaborative, as I would really like to work with someone from a different specialism, and this particular brief sounds very graphic design orientated.


The Creative Challenge

How can WWF turn their members into the world’s most active global conservation community? How can they modernise their membership and enable their existing supporter base to become more active?
Design an innovative membership offering to galvanise existing members to action and drive the recruitment of new ones.
This particular project is one very close to my heart as I really hate the mistreatment of animals and I think it's a shame that so many animals are becoming extinct. However, this brief doesn't really resinate with me in the fact I wouldn't know how to get someone to purchase a membership as I don't myself. I don't myself because I have barely seen any change in the way animals are treated, so for this reason I don't think I'd enjoy this particular brief.


The Creative Challenge

Connect young urbanites with the Desperados spirit, through an immersive experience that will help them release their daring side and push creative boundaries. Show how Desperados can help create that party mood wherever and whenever people are prepared to “release their inner tequila."
Please note, you must be 18 years or older to enter this brief.
This brief sounds incredibly interesting and is definitely the most inspiring that I have come across. I think this is definitely the most relatable brief, as I'm a student and love to go to club nights and events, and actually have quite a few ideas of how events could be made even better.

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