Sunday, 3 January 2016

OUGD504 Critique (Studio Brief Four)

I asked a couple of people what they thought of the website, as I didn't want to continue with my design if other people thought it was unsuccessful. People said that they liked the idea of the hidden content, as it means that fans will get rewarded for visiting the website, and also it's a secret, so therefore it will spark conversations with people online, thus getting more exposure for the band. People also said that they really liked my idea of people being able to upload their own videos to the website, however they said that they aren't sure if that is possible on Youtube at the moment.

It was also said that the colour scheme of the website is very relevant (as it relates to the latest music video Spin City).

I asked if there should be more colour used on the website and people said no, as the red contrasts really well with the black and white and anymore colour would take away from this.

I also asked if people liked the general design, and most people agreed that they did, however one person said that they weren't too sure about the central type.

Overall, I got a lot of positive feedback, and I personally am happy with the way the website looks, so for this reason I am now going to develop it further into the tablet and mobile websites.

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