Wednesday, 13 January 2016

OUGD503 Individual Practice, Eurojust - Evaluation (Studio Brief One)

I found this brief extremely challenging, which is the reason I wanted to take part in this specific competition. I found it challenging due to the requirements of the brief; the European flag had to be used within the design. This made doing any illustration look really out of place, so in the end I just had to stick to type and the flag symbol. Along with this, the flag has very specific dimensions which needed to be met; for example, all the stars had to be upright. 

To add to the challenge, the actual submission of this brief was incredibly complicated. It required around 12 different file sizes and file types to be submitted of the logo design. This doesn’t sound too challenging, however the fact that Eurojust had mentioned the file must have a specific name complicated things, as they didn’t supply a name for each file type or size. 

The actual design, however, I really enjoyed creating. I played around with multiple different ideas, however the task was very challenging due to the inclusion of the European flag, as any illustration involved looked really out of place. This is the reason I decided to submit a type design. 

A strength of this project was my time management. Even with the submission being incredibly challenging, I still managed to submit my final design on time and with all of the specific file types required. I also think the actual design side of this project was a strength, as I am really fond of my final design and I think it works really well for Eurojust’s aesthetic, or on the website anyway.

A weakness of this project was my experimentation side. I did experiment with different logo designs, however I believe they were all too complicated to be any success. This could’ve been improved if I had spent more time on the project, however I simply didn’t have to time to spend before the deadline. 

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