Tuesday, 26 January 2016

OUGD503 Individual Research, Brompton Bikes - Research (Studio Brief One)

Brompton Bicycle is a manufacturer of folding bikes based in London.

The brompton folding bicycle and accessories are the company's core product, noted for its self-supporting compact size when stored. All available models of the folding bike are based on the same hinged bicycle frame and 16 inch bike wheel tyre size.

Components can be added, removed or replaced by titanium parts to form the many variations. In reviews of folding bicycles, Brompton is often the winner.

Approximately 40, 000 bicycles are produced by the company each year.

The Brompton is an award winning folding bike made for a modern urban environment, designed to last and be taken anywhere. A Brompton will easily fold up to a compact size that can be taken onto any public transport, fit in any boot and even stored under your desk at work. This hard wearing steel framed style icon isn't just nice to look at, its design was first released in 1979 and over the years modified slightly to give us the rugged hard wearing urban bike for cyclists that we see today. Its modular design is based around a curved frame with a hinged main tube allowing the 16" wheels to swing round when folded and the handlebars and seat post both fit inside the compact block with a quick locking of the saddle keeping the whole compact shape in place.

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