Thursday, 14 January 2016

OUGD505 Licence to Print Money - Briefing (Studio Brief One)


This brief is posing the question 'is there a future for 'real' money, with the likes of PayPal, Apple Pay and contactless existing'.

Undertake research into the development of coinage and banknotes while exploring the cultural understandings of legal tender. Following this initial engagement (including the research trip to the People's History Museum 'Show me the money' Exhibition), begin a developed interrogation of financial transactions in order to complete your own proposal for the future of the banknote.

Your bank note should be presented as a finished print that makes use of any of the varied analogue print processes available within the college's workshops. Submissions should be created using a minimum of two colours or finishes. Paper size for completed work will be 21cm x 26cm, with banknote designs displayed landscape. (The size of the actual banknotes are to be determined by the student when based on their design rationale. The choice is given whether to display one or two sides of the banknote on the print.

The deadline for the prints will be the 21st April 2016 for inclusion in a Level 4 and 5 group shouw that will run in May 2016.

Finished prints for this brief are NOT DIGITAL.


Think visually. Explore both literal and lateral responses.
Explore working with text and image combined and seperately.
Consider the various techniques and processes that are available to you and their suitability for conveying or re-enforcing the ideas that you are trying to communicate.

Mandatory Requirements.

An analogue print on 21cmx26cm stock for completed designs.


A final print.
2xA3 design boards submitted as PDFs that provide condensed overview of your research and design decisions.
Documentation of development on SP blog.

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