Saturday, 9 April 2016

OUGD505 Product Range Distribution - Bottle Chosen (Studio Brief Two)

Before I begin designing my packaging, it will be helpful to look at bottles available to me so that I can decide on the size I will need for my label. To do this, I went to the shop and looked at different sized and shaped bottles. The bottles below are for Asya Seed Drinks. The drinks are a wide range of different flavours and each has seeds inside. They're a very odd drink, and I believe this is why the bottles are glass and see through, as the actual content is aimed at a very particular market, as a lot of people wouldn't like the texture of the drink.

The next bottle I looked at was Asya's Aloe Vera range. Similarly to the previous, the texture of the drink is very odd, however this bottle isn't see through, which is something I didn't really expect as it's a very weird texture and it would be nice to see what the drink looks like before purchasing. 

I then started looking at cans that contain fruit juice. Although the branding of these cans isn't great and comes across as a value range, the fact that the juice is in cans is quite smart. It saves on plastic wastage and would keep the drink cooler for longer. The main reasons I couldn't brand my own smoothie packaging this way is because, firstly, I want the contents to be visible through the packaging, and secondly, because most people wouldn't drink a whole smoothie straight away. Personally, I like to take my time when drinking a smoothie and really savour the taste. 

I then looked at water bottles, as I thought this would be the only way I could really portray my packaging design without using glass bottles, which would be very expensive. I have decided to base my own packing around the Smart Water bottle. I chose this bottle as it's the most clean, circular bottle that I came across on my search and the circular design represents my logo very well.

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