Wednesday, 6 April 2016

OUGD505 Product Range Distribution - Development, Refined Logo Design (Studio Brief Two)

This is the design that I originally came up with. I created it very roughly using the pen tool on Illustrator. I asked people what they thought of it and they really liked the concept and idea behind the logo design, however they agreed that it could definitely be made better.

I tried to use the same technique to make an outline of a circle so that it would look like a pollen particle, however it looked a lot worse with more detail, and I also realised that a lot of the detail would be lost on a smaller scale.

Originally, I wanted my logo design to have a playful edge as I thought it would appeal to children, so I created this pollen particle, however didn't use the shape took for the outer circle. This was unsuccessful, as it looks like this had been done accidentally and the stroke hadn't been fixed.

Finally, I decided to get rid of the playful, more illustrative side of the logo. I decided to do this as realistically the logo design looks a lot like a sun as it is, and therefore comes across very friendly. I wanted my logo design to be very subtle so that people who buy the drink wouldn't necessarily have to know the concept behind the project, and therefore it would appeal to a greater audience. Below are my final logo designs. I think they're really successful because they're slick and appealing and work really well both together and apart. Each point is measured out perfectly so that the logo design could be reflected and turned around, and it would still look the exact same. I think this is important as it would be a recognisable logo from every angle that it could possibly be looked at from.

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