Saturday, 9 April 2016

OUGD505 Product Range Distribution - Development, Typeface (Studio Brief Two)

I thought it would be useful to decide which typeface to use for my project now, as it will keep the rest of my project consistent. I looked at lots of different typefaces and experimented with which typeface went with the logo design best. Serif typefaces didn't work too successfully, as they were weighted very differently, however sans serif typefaces seemed to work better due to the letterform 'O' being a constant weight, similar to the logo design. 

The typefaces that worked best were Gill Sans and Futura. I have decided to use Futura through-out my project as it is my favourite typeface and it's very geometrical. It uses basic geometry as a framework. This works successfully with my logo design as the logo design is also based on measurements and shapes. Both the logo design and Futura are well balanced together.

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