Saturday, 2 April 2016

OUGD505 Product Range Distribution - Research, Naked (Studio Brief Two)

Naked is a brand that creates smoothie and juice drinks. The Naked Juice team works hard and enjoys every minute of the journey to create enjoyment for their drinkers. The best advertisement is a person holding a Naked Juice with a big smile on their face. In fact, that's how they've grown. Naked are dedicated to creating juice smoothies. They want to crush even more good stuff into every bottle and combine mouth-watering juices with added boosts like vegetables, vitamins and algae. They source their fruit and vegetables from across the globe.

Naked is a really successful brand and has sold 10 million bottles in the UK alone. Their logo design is really successful as the logos colour scheme is constant through-out each bottles packaging, making it very consistent. Naked smoothies are definitely aimed at an older generation, unlike Innocent smoothies. This is apparent as the packaging design isn't as illustrative and is actually quite crowded. This is usually something that wouldn't appeal to me, however the packaging portrays the amount of nutrients and fruit used in the smoothie, which is definitely a great selling point.

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