Wednesday, 20 April 2016

OUGD505 Product Range Distribution - Research, Publication Design (Studio Brief Two)

Having looked briefly at some of the products available from the smoothie company Innocent, I think it would be really interesting to create a recipe book about how to make some other smoothies that aren't on offer from the shop. This would also increase the money spent on StingSmoothies and would therefore increase the amount donated to the Save The Bees campaign, which is the main aim of the brand. To begin this, I decided to look at a publication called Fruit Infused Water by Susan Marque. I found this online as ISSUU and it looked really interesting from the front cover due to the use of bright colours, however the actual body copy in the publication is poorly laid out and doesn't work very well on ISSUU - this is probably because it wasn't originally intended for ISSUU, however.

As Recipe books usually use a lot of imagery, I thought it would be useful to look into a publication called Crepe City. This is a new publication that is very image based and the layout is very well considered. Each image sits really well next to surrounding images. Their use of typography is also very successful as the background colour and type colour is very contrasting and typeset very well. 

La Carta is a recipe book by Julian Jaramillo Balbin. The publication is printed on a chalk-board like stock and uses foiled type on the front cover. It's a very well considered recipe book, as it is informed by families writing recipes and notes on blackboards in kitchens. Stock is something that I should definitely consider for my own publication, as it should be informed by my concept. For this, I think it would be beneficial to use recycled stock.

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