Friday, 15 April 2016

OUGD505 Product Range Distribution - Research, Websites (Studio Brief Two)

Having already looked at the websites for the campaign, the next step is to look into smoothie and juice websites to get a rough idea of what makes that specific kind of website successful. Innocent has an interesting website as it is a very crowded website that doesn't leave any negative space, something that was unexpected due to the negative space usage on the packaging. The website is engaging, however, as it has quizzes about fruit and a lot of information and events going on within the company. This is useful for the brand, as it would bring more traffic to the website, specifically a younger demographic for the quizzes and an older demographic for the information. The website is very easy to navigate, however isn't very aesthetically appealing due to the lack of negative space.

This website is a lot more successful than Innocent as it uses very bold imagery and it's very eye catching. Again, this website is very easy to navigate due to the navigation being at the top of the screen at all times. This website isn't as interactive as Innocent, however, which could definitely decrease the traffic to the website.

This is the website for Copella. The website is unsuccessful as it isn't very eye catching, and is actually quite an eyesore due to the use of block colour contrasted with imagery. The website is easy to navigate, however some of the links, for example social networking links, aren't very attractive due to the colour change once the mouse is hovering.

This is the most appealing website so far. It is bright, bold and the navigation bar is a pop up bar, meaning the website looks a lot cleaner at all times. The use of colour is successful as it is very natural and consistent with the packaging of this brand.

Finally, below is the website for Rubicon. It's a successful website, however the website is lacking in content. There isn't much reason to visit the website, therefore mustn't get much traffic. The navigation bar is successful as it is quite hidden and doesn't distract from the bold imagery, however the pop up navigation isn't aesthetically pleasing due to the use of a gradient, and the typeface used isn't very legible.

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