Saturday, 16 April 2016

OUGD505 Product Range Distribution - Development, Wireframes (Studio Brief Two)

These wireframes were created so that I don't waste too much time trying lots of different website layouts. Wireframes are really useful, as you get a rough idea of how the website would look without actually adding any content. This first website flat is unsuccessful in my opinion, as it would be very text-heavy and not very interesting or eye catching to look at due to this.

This is the next wireframe that I created. This style could definitely be successful due to the minimal, each to follow layout and it would also look neat, however this doesn't really fit with the design on my packaging, and I want to focus on a lot more negative space.

I don't think this website layout would be successful because I think the first page of the website should definitely have some content on instead of just an image, especially as the brand wouldn't be recognisable at the time of this site going live. It would need to be a lot more informative from the get go.

This website layout could be successful due to the easy navigation and the brand would be easily recognised straight away, however I still think the site could do with a lot more negative space due to the design of my packaging. 

This is the final wireframe that I have designed. I definitely think that this is the most successful design as it includes the name of the brand and would also engage the viewer straight away due to the competition on the front. It would also have clear links to social media and the navigation bar would be minimal. I may change the navigation when I come to design the real thing due to the fact I want it to be incredibly simple to navigate.

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