Wednesday, 13 April 2016

OUGD503 Individual & Collaborative Practice, Module Evaluation (Studio Brief One, Two & Three)

Overall I think responsive has gone really well and I have got a lot out of it. It has been really interesting seeing how I work without specific deadlines, as I thought that I would be really poor at it, however I surprised myself as I actually kept on top of a lot of the work. A brief that I particularly enjoyed in this module was Secret 7. I have previously taken part in Secret 7 and I really love the idea behind it, and I enjoy creating work that has the potential to be exhibited. It was a really fun brief and very experimental, a side of graphic design that I am enjoying more and more.

Unfortunately, my attendance for the module was quite poor. This was due to the substantial brief for studio brief one, as the project I was working on was on an enormous scale, so I couldn’t bring any of it in to work on in the studio. Upon reflection, I probably should’ve started designing it in the studio rather than at home, as it would’ve forced me to stay in and get it done at every opportunity. 

Responsive was a huge amount of work, which is another reason I believe this module was successful, as I completely every brief in time for submission. I think I might’ve spent too much time on certain briefs which is quite disappointing, as if I had managed my time even more, I could’ve taken part in more competitions and briefs. 

A success of this module was definitely the first brief that I took part in, which was the Leeds Christmas Market at Munro House. I enjoyed this brief so much as I really challenged myself, as I set myself the task to summarise my design style in three prints, and I feel as though I definitely achieved this. 

Another success was the Brompton Bike brief. I found this brief really challenging and time consuming as there was a huge amount of work to be done and only a couple of months to do it in. I’m also really pleased with my outcome for this project as I feel as though I really pushed myself to achieve the best outcome I could. 

A weakness of this project was studio brief two, the collaborative brief. It was mainly a weakness of mine, as it was such a struggle meeting up with my group when everyone was available. This was made more challenging as animation and illustration had responsive on the same day, whereas I didn’t. This made it really difficult to keep up with my group and find out points that had been discussed. However, I did make more of an effort to meet up with my group outside of university than I would’ve if we had the module on the same day.

Another weakness of the module was definitely my lack of attendance. I will of missed out on a lot of feedback that could’ve helped me improve my ideas and my project as a whole. I did run my own critiques on my projects when I was working on them, however, so I’m hopeful that I will have a substantial submission.

Overall, I think this module as a whole was really inspiring, as this is what it will be like working in the graphic design industry. I also really enjoyed having options as to which briefs I could participate in. I feel as though I really pushed myself to respond to lots of different types of briefs, which will help me in the future also as I won’t be sticking to one specific kind of brief. I am quite disappointed I couldn’t find a brief that required a publication design, however, as this is something I have become really interested in over the last few months and it would’ve been really interesting to design a publication with a wider purpose. If I were to start this module from the beginning, I would definitely take part in another D&AD brief, as I think the brief was very open for interpretation and, looking back, I would’ve liked to respond individually rather than collaboratively. 

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