Wednesday, 27 April 2016

OUGD505 Product Range Distribution - Study Task 03 (Studio Brief Two)

For this study task, we were asked to create a leaflet and flyer for the exhibition 'Disobedient Objects North' which was help in the People's History Museum in Manchester last year. Below is the leaflet that I created. I created the typeface by hand to match with the typeface on the sign in the image that I decided to use. as body copy I used Helvetica as it worked nicely with the title typeface.

I then created a leaflet in the same style. I stuck to black and white imagery as it would be the most cost effective method of printing and means that the leaflet could be printed twice as many times for half the price. It also showed off the images really well in black and white.

I then developed this brief further by creating an invitation card to the opening night in the same style. The same main image has been used consistently through-out to keep each material constant and fluent.

Finally, I created two different ticket styles for the event. The first design is the preferred design as it is left-alligned, and therefore is consistent with the leaflet, flyer and invitation.

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