Thursday, 28 April 2016

OUGD505 Product Range Distribution - Study Task 04 (Studio Brief Two)

For this study task, we were asked to get into groups of three and produce a campaign to encourage more people to vote. Florence, Izzie and myself all have similar political views, this view being that we really dislike the Tories. We looked into different campaigns for other political parties which can be seen below.

As a group, we came up with the idea to play with words and integrate them into the surroundings of Leeds. The rough ideas can be seen below.

We then started designing. We gave Izzie the job of creating the stickers that would be smartly placed to draw the most attention. Florence had the job of creating the leaflets that would be placed somewhere nearby the stickers so that people could find out more about the campaign. I had the job of creating a website. Below are the website mock ups that I created.

The website would be useful for documenting the movements of the campaign, finding out further information and would be a place to buy stickers and signage that would further promote the campaign.

Below is the presentation that myself and Florence presented to the class.

Here is the script:


Our concept for this brief is to encourage people to vote but also to avoid voting for the Conservatives by giving them a common enemy. The Conservatives have been in Government for almost a year, and they have already done multiple things they said they wouldn’t, such as cutting child benefit and not building as many affordable homes, as well as David Cameron having money invested in offshore accounts. Our campaign aims to let its interacts have an open mind on who to vote, however just to not vote the Tories. The interactive nature and the placement appeals to a younger audience, while encouraging them to find out more information on other parties that aren’t the Tories, so forth, engaging young people in politics. 

SLIDE 3 - 5 (images up to stickers) (AMELIA)

Our campaign idea uses smart advertising to ensure that nobody votes for the Tories. It is not in support of any particular party, and it also isn’t aimed at any particular class. The adverts would be placed in different areas to target different people, for example, on the backs of busses so that people in their cars could see them, as well as walkers.


These are three examples of the stickers, each uses its own particular tagline relevant for the politician, for example Jeremy Hunt’s tagline is “Ready to dump Tory policies? Register to vote!”, and it would be a sticker to be placed on the lids of toilets or the wall above. 


The leaflets are to accompany the stickers, they will be in close proximity of the stickers as well as being handed out by volunteers. They have been made snappy and to the point as not to bore the reader. 


The website would be an online space where people could find out more information about the campaign, but also where it would be possible for people to donate. It would also be a way of purchasing the stickers, meaning the campaign could spread further through the interaction of its supporters. 

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