Monday, 11 April 2016

OUGD505 Product Range Distribution - Feedback Session (Studio Brief Two)

Today I asked people for their opinions on my packaging designs and how I could improve on them. I also created a small guide as to the colours that would be inside the bottles and asked for feedback on the colour scheme of my packaging, or if I should just keep it black and white.

1. I really like the bottom left design. It uses the space really well and it would be very clear to see what was inside the packaging. And the colour scheme should be white because it would make the smoothie stand out.
2. I like the bottom middle design because it would be like drinking from the pollen when the packaging was wrapped around and I think that's really clever. I agree with ^ on the colour scheme, or black.
3. I like the middle right design. I think it looks a lot more effective with the bigger logo design, however I'd alter the grid so that the brand name ends as the body copy starts. I think keep it black and white if you're printing onto acetate/clear stickers.
4. I agree ^
5. I like both the bottom left and middle right. Maybe experiment with colour but black and white will be effective too. 

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