Sunday, 10 April 2016

OUGD505 Product Range Distribution - Development, Label Layouts (Studio Brief Two)

For now, the packaging will be designed in black and white as a colour scheme has still not been chosen, and in fact the design might be more successful without the use of colour as it would make the smoothies really stand out. 

I began by measuring the width and height of the label already on the SmartWater bottle. This was 131x147mm. 

I think this design worked really well, however the information on the back of the packaging should start at the same place as the logo, something I have only just realised once the design has been saved without the grid. I think their is far too much negative space in the centre of the logo design for this to be successful, as it looks like the space isn't being used well and it looks very text heavy and empty on other places.

I then tried a different approach. This design was more successful than the previous as the type looks a lot more spread out and it flows a lot better, however it could definitely still use some work. I'm also not a fan of the name of the brand in this position as I think it looks cluttered and too similar to Smart Water.

This is the next design. Again, there is far too much negative space in the middle of the design, however I really like the logo design being very miniature, I think it adds some mystery to the design.

I tried to reposition the logo and centre the type, however I think I definitely prefer the type left alligned as it looks a lot more modernist, something I am aiming for in this particular project.

I then tried to add the smoothies name in a different way. I think this is a lot more successful than previous attempts. I think both the logo design and the name of the brand stand out a lot more, and the use of negative space is a lot more successful, however there is still too much.

I then rearranged the body copy and also added a recycle label that would go on the packaging. I think that this is definitely the most successful design that I have come up with thus far, however I am going to ask for some feedback from my peers when I am next at university. In this session, I will also ask about the colour scheme.

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