Sunday, 8 March 2015

OUGD406 Wrap Around Cover of Final Design (Studio Brief Two)

I am now going to design a full wrap around cover for the book I was given. As I agreed with the feedback that I got in the group critique, I am going to work with the style of the front cover below.

I had to alter the design on the front cover so that it would work with the back cover and not look like it doesn't fit like the original book cover design did. This is the final design. I think it's really successful as both the front and back work well together. I am still unsure about the use of colour, however. I think it works with this design, however it might look a bit shoddy when screen printed. For this reason, in the final crit I am going to ask for opinions on which colours people think I should use, and also which stock colour people think that I should use. 

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