Monday, 30 March 2015

OUGD406 Name Card Research Inspiration (Studio Brief Three)

As I was given the task to create the name cards, I did a bit of research into namecards and also business cards that exist already. I found these designs on Design Inspiration. I think the designs are really simplistic, however I think the use of plastic makes them really interesting to look at. Although the idea is nice, I don't think it'd be very relevant for the name cards for our exhibition.

I think these designs are also nice and I like the element of stitching, as it could show the idea of book binding, which would be relevant for our exhibition.

I like the use of minimal colour on the designs below. I also think the fact that the corners are rounded is really nice, however it wouldn't be very relevant for our project. I think the use of colour is really nice, as if we all stuck to a similar colour scheme within our designs they would all relate to each other.

I think the designs of these cards are really nice as they look like it could be relevant to screen printing, as sometimes when the paint doesn't go through the screen properly, this kind of effect can happen.  

I think the designs below are incredibly slick, however I'm unsure how they could work effectively as they would have to be stuck on the wall, therefore couldn't be double-sided.

I think the use of colour below is really effective as it looks similar to what happens when you overlay two different colours of paint when screenprinting.

I think this is really simplistic, however it could be really effective as it's really legible and easy to follow. It's also informative which I think is useful on a namecard.

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