Monday, 30 March 2015

OUGD406 Exhibition Branding Research (Studio Brief Three)

As a group, we decided that we should look into some exhibition branding that already exists. This is a design I found below. I think it's really simple, but I really enjoy it. I think the colour scheme works really well and has meaning with the title - fire (orange) + volcanoes go together. I also like the fact the wayfinding is really simplistic also, as it looks easy to follow.

This display is also really effective in my opinion, as when you walk into the exhibition space, the content of the exhibition is made apparent. You can also see the concept of the work (far left), which is just type, however it has been typeset really effectively and looks really nice and informative.

I think this display is really interactive and slick. The typeface used is Helvetica, and the negative space gives the exhibition space a very modern feel. I think the use of projectors is really interesting and could definitely be something to consider.

This is a poster advertising an exhibition. I think it looks really slick and informative, as there's a lot of information involved, however it's spaced out really effectively so it doesn't look like too much to read. I think the actual design on the poster is really relevant for the title of the exhibition as well.

I think this exhibition space is really effective, as the type on the wall matches the actual design of the space. I think the information printed on the wall is also effective as it's informative but not overwhelming to the eyes, as it's quite small.

I think this design is really nice. The contrast between the black wall and the white type is incredibly effective. I also think the general gallery is really nice as the floor would go really well with either white or black walls.

From what I found, the designs that were most successful were designed with a modernist style and used the negative space very effectively. 

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